Laboratory of Geodesy and Geodetic Applications
Dept. of Civil Engineering
Patras University, Patras 26504
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  • Geodetic Measurements  (3rd semester, obligatory)

  • Geodesy  (4th semester, obligatory)

  • Geodetic Applications  (9th semester, selection)
Undergraduate Studies

The Lab personnel teaches the following undergraduate courses:
In addition, approximately five diploma theses, mostly focusing on research, are completed each year
Postgraduate Studies

Processing of Geodetic data (Time series analysis) (winter semester)
        The course focuses on basic, applied techniques of digital signal processing for the analysis of time series and evaluation of their stochastic characteristics (noise) and their physical significance.

Linear transformations, signal composition/decomposition, spectral analysis using FFT and Least Squares, autocorrelation and Cross-correlation, time series with gaps and unstable sampling rate, noise characteristics, statistical significance, filtering techniques. 
Examples and applications in various fields.

Special Topics in Geodesy-Geomatics (sping semester)
    The content of the course is variable, adapted to the needs of research and education, it covers a wide range of activities in which techniques and  methods of Geodesy/Geomatics are applied.  Each year independent courses with different content are offered, including
Intelligent Systems in Geodesy-Geomatics

  • Marine Geodesy
  • Satellite Geodesy
  • Deformation Measurement and Analysis
  • Oscillation Measurement and Analysis
  • Geomatics and Management of Natural Disasters

About two students complete their Masters theses each year
Laboratory of Geodesy
and Geodetic Applications