Student Prizes
The Lambadarios Prize for excellence in studies in Geodesy has been awarded by the Academy of Athens to several former students of our Department
G. Gotzamanis (2008)
P. Asteriou (2009)
L. Koutas (2009)
G. Bariamis (2010)
I. Chalmoukis (2012)

Recent Research Prizes
  • The 2009 Lambadarios Prize for research in Geodesy was awarded by the Academy of Athens for the journal article "Potential of Global Positioning System (GPS) to measure frequencies of oscillations of engineering structures" by P.Psimoulis, S.Pytharouli, D.Karambalis and S.Stiros  (Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2008).

  • Award in the Student paper Competition at the Joint International Symposium on Deformation Measurements (JISDM), 2013, held in Nottingham UK. Award given by the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors for the paper entitled "Application of the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithm for the monitoring of dynamic deformations with a single GPS receiver"  by Fanis Moschas, Antonio Avallone, Vasso Saltogianni and Stathis Stiros.
Prizes and Awards

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