Surveying instruments
Nikon and Pentax Total Stations
Wild T16 Theodolites
Wild Levels

2 Leica TCA 1201 Robotic Total Stations
3 GeoSig Tri-Axial accelerometers
2 GeoSig LVDT's
GNSS receivers
  • 15 dual frequency GNSS receivers with 10Hz maximum sampling rate
      (Topcon GB-1000, Topcon Hiper Pro, Javad Legacy, Leica 1200,  chocked ring antennas)
  • 3 dual frequency GNSS Javad Delta receivers with 100Hz maximum sampling frequency
  • Various single-frequency GPS receivers

Supporting equipment

Generators of radial and axial (horizontal and vertical) harmonic motions of known characteristics (industial products and prototype design)
Motions controlled by LVDT with GPS timing for supervised learning experiments

The Geodesy Lab is fully equipped for high level education and research.
Available equipment includes conventional survey instruments, GNSS instruments, robotic theodolites, and supporting equipment (accelerometers and experimental apparatuses)
apparatuses producing  horizontal  and vertical harmonic oscilaltions

FARO laser scanner
Heavy spike mounts (tripods) for accurate centering

Laboratory of Geodesy
and Geodetic Applications